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QNEXUS is a technology research company based at the qatar science and technology park (QSTP). The company specializes in development of enhanced connectivity, network, and software solutions that will improve operational performance, safeguard assets, and reduce costs. our vision is to play a central role in the development and delivery of superior connectivity technologies and software solutions.
About us

QNEXUS is a technology research company based at the Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP). Since its launch in 2009, the company has been developing customized communications services, real-time applications and telecommunication solutions that are tailored to provide enhanced services in remote areas and hazardous environments.

During its tenure at QSTP, QNEXUS has been working in partnership with numerous
international and local companies to develop state-of-the-art, high speed connectivity for
the onshore and offshore oil & gas industry.

Since 2009, QNEXUS has conducted research that has led to several groundbreaking
developments with commercial prospects and applications.

Among its research achievements
and results are:


Successfully demonstrating the feasibility of utilizing K & Ka frequencies to provide high-speed connectivity using Qatar’s first satellite, Es’hail-1. This research led to the opening of previously unused frequencies for commercial and practical use.

Specifically designed radio solutions for use in remote areas and hazardous environments
with high temperatures and harsh weather conditions, such as those found in Qatar & the Middle East.

Providing connectivity for the oil and gas sector, as well as developing portable and mobile satellite systems that can be used to provide connectivity for educational purposes in refugee camps, and other remote areas.

In the process of developing the latest in Artificial Intelligence Trading Systems – Our algorithms are designed to provide advanced automation of Commodity & Forex trading.


Research & Development

At QNEXUS, we place great importance on our ongoing efforts to continuously develop the latest advances in computer science & communication technologies.

Part of our research and development efforts involve close cooperation with global companies leading the way in their respective fields, other QSTP technology companies and partners, governmental agencies, as well as leading educational institutions.

This affords an excellent opportunity to combine the latest research with the technical know-how and field experience of QNEXUS’ professionals to continually develop and improve technologies and solutions. 

We work closely with end-users and channel feedback into the product research and development pipeline early to shape our research and development plans. QNEXUS has established a culture that keeps end-users and customers upfront when defining new initiatives and developments. 

What We Do

Real-Time Software

Gather, collect, and visualize critically important remote data in real-time from your offices or collaboration centers...


QNEXUS provides secure data networks from your remote locations straight back to your onshore office...

Tracking Systems

QNEXUS Tracking Systems will streamline the tracking and administration of personnel travelling offshore...

Collaboration Centres

QNEXUS "Collaboration Centres" are purpose-built collaborative environments for communications, data collection, reporting, monitoring, and knowledge and information sharing...


QNEXUS is developing high-speed, no/low latency, highly efficient connectivity solutions that will reform remote Oil & Gas operations in the country...


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Qatar Science & Technology Park Innovation Center, Third Floor, Unit Nº 335


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+974 7730 7007